Monday, May 2, 2016

Elder Holland and Transfers yet again!

This week has been really great here in Henderson! It has definitely kept us on our toes, but we received so much revelation and guidance this week. We definitely saw some miracles and Sister Greene and I enjoyed our last week together. To start it off, we were able to finally set someone with a baptismal date!!! YAY :) Her date is set for May 28th. She is a single mom, we found her by just knocking on her door. We are so so excited :D

Elder Holland was here from Friday to Sunday. We only were able to see him on Friday, but you could feel the spiritual force throughout the valley for the weekend ;) Not really, but I wish! Haha! Before meeting him, we took a picture with our whole mission. It took about a half hour to get all 200 missionaries in one place and quiet. Just as we got all figured out, the mission leadership told us that Holland was pulling up, so we all needed to be quiet. Then, he walked was
intense! The first thing he said was "Boo!" Haha :) We then all went and shook his hand..... I can't remember looking at his face. I think I was in so much shock that all I can remember thinking is "His hand is big" haha!

Elder Holland and President Robins both gave very spiritual talks. Pres Robins talked about how we are here in our mission will determine the kind of person we are after our missions. We have to not only do Christ-like things, but we must be Christ-like. Elder Holland told us that the apostles and full-time missionaries are the only ones that share the gospel full-time. I loved something that he said--we have to talk to everyone or we are judging them as God does. He also spoke of how important it is to teach by the spirit, but also that we have to be worthy of it. The spirit is the only way we will help the investigator understand the gospel. It was a great Friday and I learned things that I will always remember!!

So it's transfers's crazy that I only have three transfers left. GAH! Time is going way too fast!! So the verdict of transfers........I will be staying in Pueblo, Sister Greene is going
over to my last Zone, Warm Springs/Anthem. We are really sad to be separated. We knew that she would probably leave, but it's sad to know that it is actually happening now. I have another special assignment (I got another call Sat morning from our Sister APs before transfer
doc), and am following training again. My new companion is Sister Daulton. Send some prayers my way because I am pretty nervous for this transfer!

I love you all! I can't wait to talk to my family this coming Sunday. I wish I could talk and see you all, but that will just have to wait for another four months :) Until next week!


Hermana Erickson

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