Monday, June 29, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The heat has been unreal this week. Sister Allen and I literally feel like death every time we walk out of the door. It does not go below 90 at night, and by the time we leave our apartment every day its in the 110s. Our car the other day showed 130. It is crazy down here!

We have had so many lessons this week, it has been amazing! My second week here, one of our investigators scheduled for baptism, left for Virginia. He just got back this week, along with his granddaughter. He will be getting baptized this Saturday, and we are so excited!! The only hard thing is that he is Peruvian. I literally cannot understand a word he says to me. It just sounds like one long big sentence, and sometimes I can catch words here or there. His granddaughter is also being taught by us. She is ten years old and is smarter than a whip. I love teaching he, because she has absolutely no knowledge of any religion. Not even the Bible! It is really interesting explaining to a kid who Adam and Eve were--we have way too much fun teaching her!

I had the awesome opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Toyn in her English area this week. It was really weird teaching in English, but really fun too! We had a miracle lesson with some potential investigators. Sis Toyn had met them the week before when their keys had been locked out of their car. They forgot about our lesson, but still invited us in. They were so open to what we taught, and she told us that she could see how much we loved the gospel in every word we spoke. He said that is was definitely not a coincidence that we met them. I could feel the Spirit so strong, and I know that they could feel the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of our words.

Some crazy things that happened this week......we got attacked by bats. Not really, but they were getting really close to our heads. There was about 5 or 6 of them flying really close to us. It was scary!! Also, we got chewed out by an old crazy man. He seemed really nice at first, and then just started spewing off all of this anti-materiel at us. We almost couldn't get away from him because he would not stop talking! He was still yelling at us as we walked away from him. Luckily, we hardly ever meet people like that and the things they say are hilarious. Last thing! Sister Toyn and I got hit on by an old guy. The perks of being a Sister missionary. Haha!
So even though I am dying from the heat, the success of our work has been making me feel amazing! There is nothing like seeing someone change after their baptism. Our recent convert is so HAPPY! Whenever we go see him, he just cannot stop smiling or laughing. It is amazing the difference. I can't wait to see that in hopefully his wife, and in others. Thank you for all of your prayers and love. I cannot express how much I appreciate them!!

Monday, June 22, 2015


That's right! We had a baptism this Saturday for our investigator!!! We thought that it might not happen because of different problems that came up. But Sister Allen and I prayed together and separate to know whether or not this was the right decision for him. We both felt that he was ready to be baptized on Saturday. His wife and two children came , and the Spirit was so strong! His wife gave the closing prayer, and it was the sweetest thing. She couldn't get through it because she was crying! We hope that her seeing the change in her husband will help her realize that she wants to be baptized also.

We had an AMAZING experience last night! We had about 30 min left in our day, and Sister Allen felt prompted to go visit a potential investigator. When we knocked on the door, a lady yelled "Who is it" And we asked for this person. She came out and said that he didn't live here anymore. She then asked us where we were from and why we were in Las Vegas. I responded that we were on missions! She said "Oh! Missionaries! Come inside!!" It turns out that she had been taught by missionaries before, but had lost contact with them for different reasons. She is at a really hard point in her life, and was just thinking about how she wanted the missionaries to teach her again. She will be taught by some Elders in our area since she speaks English, but it was a miracle nonetheless. The Lord knows what every single person needs and I was so grateful that she was put in our path!
We also had a Family History Fair this Saturday for all of the Hispanic people in the Las Vegas area! About 100 people showed up, and it was an amazing program. A rep from Salt Lake came down and taught how to make family trees and why we need to do family history work. I had the opportunity to look at pictures of my ancestors, and I could feel the Spirit and the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children, living and past. I also am so grateful that families can be together forever. I do not know what I would do without mine!

I am so sorry, but there won't be any pictures this week. Hopefully next week I will be able to send some of our baptism! Other than that, I am loving Las Vegas, but not the heat!! Our car showed a 125F degrees the other day......don't worry, I am drinking tons of water!! Thank you for all your support and love!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Semana 15

My companion doesn't like my driving

Well this week has definitely been interesting! We haven't been able to work as much this week, because my companion was sick from Wednesday to Sunday! But, we received so many blessings, and our investigators are all progressing. Heavenly Father knows that we want to work hard, and so He has definitely been pouring out the blessings.

We found SEVEN new investigators this week which is absolutely crazy to me. We are obviously doing something right! Four of them are a family, where the mother texted us asking if we could come over. They used to be investigators, but the previous missionaries stopped visiting them. The whole family knows that the church is true, and wants to be baptized. But, they first have to get a divorce finalized so that they can get married. We are praying hard that the divorce will happen soon so that we can see these baptisms happen!

The other 3 are family members also. The mother was the first person interested, but then her kids also wanted to learn. We had our second lesson with them on Sunday, and it went great! They were asking so many great questions, and they told us that they could feel the Spirit! One said the sweetest prayer ever, where he blessed Sister Allen and I, and our families. They already wanted to know what the second lesson was, and he says that he knows that this message will help him to become a better husband and father!
Storm clouds rolling in

We also have a baptism planned for this Saturday. Our investigator will be having his interview tonight, and then hopefully will be baptized the 20th. His wife also accepted a date for baptism the 27th, the week after!! When she accepted it, I pictured them being sealed together for time and all eternity as a family. I am so excited for them!
A freak rain storm in 100+ weather

We have also started teaching English in our church building. The first time, 19 people came! It is really fun teaching and helping people learn. They all love the class, and are very impressed that these young adults are teaching them. Every class, one lady asks if we can stay for 2 or 3 hours instead of one! It is such a fun experience.

I am loving the work out here, even though it is hotter than Hades. It just means we get free water :). Thank you for all of your prayers, emails, and love! I have the best family and friends!!