Monday, October 5, 2015

Training and Homeless

My "baby"  Sister Goddard

This week has been the absolute most craziest week of my life! With getting the last minute call on Monday to having trainings and meetings all week, I am ready for a long nap. Which I will probably never get until after my mission. Haha. I am having such a fun time with my new companion and greenie, Sister Goddard! She is from Iowa and has three sisters. She has handled our crazy lives so well and I am so impressed by her!

Mi mama hispana
We are currently serving in the Harmony Hills ward. This area is a lot nicer than my old ghetto at all. I miss it a little bit, but I am enjoying the nice side of Vegas. Our ward members ar incredible. We took over for elders and every member we meet is just so excited to have sisters!! Everyone wants to come out with us, feed us, furnish our apartment, etc. whatever we need, they want to help with. They are just awesome! We have an apartment right now, but it is about 15 min away. So hopefully we will be moving into our area this week. Also, we get to drive a mini van.... I feel like the moms of our district. Haha!

Having some fun on P-day
Our miracle for the week: a family in our ward called us saying that their friend's son would like to get baptized. We went over and taught the first lesson to him,  with the help of the family. When it was all over, I had sister Goddard ask the baptismal question. He said sure! I pulled out my calendar and asked if he would like to be baptized the 24th of October. He said of course he would!! He is so prepared for the gospel and to be baptized. He has already been going to church for five months, and can't wait to learn more.

Well, that is about all for this week! We are still getting adjusted to the area and I am excited for the work to come. I'm hoping that because we had so much crazy happen this week with meetings, that we will finally be able to get into our area this week. Heavenly Father has been helping me out so much with training and keeping my head on straight. I can't wait for what happens!