Monday, April 25, 2016

The week of locura

So this week was not the best. It was hard and not a ton happened. We
had lots of pains and afflictions.... I will talk about it more in
just a bit. But all that matters is that we improve this week and
become better. The Lord will always give us trials, it just depends
what we do with them that matters. We are very optimistic for this
week and for what is to come.

So Tuesday morning I woke up sick and was just feeling awful. Luckily
it didn't last for too long. At the beginning of the week, Sister
Greene mentioned that her knees were really bothering her. We called
the mission Doctor, but they just had her keep trying different things
to ease the pain. But nothing was working, it just continued to get
worse. So they had a doctor call her from Salt Lake, and diagnosed her
with arthritis. They think it's that, so they are having her take
medicine for a week to see if gets better. I feel so bad for her--it
is never fun to be a missionary when you are in pain.

We also had a crazy experience yesterday. We were having ward council
(it's basically where all of the congregation's leadership gets
together to discuss the needs of the members) and the Primary
president mentioned that there was a outbreak of Hand-foot-mouth
disease in the kids. So they cancelled church for the last two hours.
It was a madhouse trying to disinfect the chapel before the ward got
there. So fingers crossed, it ends soon!

We had a really great lesson with an investigator. Her
grandpa recently died and she is going through a really tough time. It
was difficult for me as well when my Grandma passed, but the only way
I got through it was with the gospel. I knew exactly where she was and
that I would see her again in the future. It was wonderful to be able
to share that  and to help her through her trials. I know
that God gives us challenges to help us become better and to rely on
him more. The wonderful thing is that he never leaves us alone during
them. He is always there for us.

I love you all! Keep the prayers coming because I will need them for
this week!! I am really excited to meet Elder Holland and receive
counsel for the last part of my mission.


Hermana Erickson

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