Monday, February 1, 2016

Whitewashes for all!

Sooooo. Transfers have been fun. Kinda but not really. Sister loveless
and I are both leaving Pelican Creek and Northstar.

I am getting transferred to Anthem zone, in Henderson. Honestly, I'm super sad. I
did not want to leave his area. I was sure that I was staying and I hate to leave. I feel like there was so much more that I had to do..... It's really hard leaving. The whole mission got whitewashed, so we aren't the only ones. I'm trying to be excited, but it's not working out to great. But it just helps me learn that my plan is not the best, but the Lord's is!

We again heard from Elder Corbridge on Tuesday. Something that really stuck out to me was not missing opportunities on my mission. It is crazy to me that I have been out for 11 months. I've been looking back a lot on my mission and what I have accomplished and how I have changed. It's funny because at points I don't feel like I have done much. But even if I didn't baptize anyone, just me going affects at least one person. Me! My testimony of the gospel has grown and been strengthened. A mission is an amazing experience!!

We got to go to the temple this Saturday (right before we found out our fate.. :P), and it was wonderful. I saw a lot of people from my first two wards, since they have a Spanish session on Sat mornings.
There was a family that I was working with in Los Feliz that had gone through some really hard times. We kept telling them that they needed to attend the temple. I saw them there on Saturday! It was the best feeling ever :)

So I bummed about transfers, but it's just a new experience ahead.
Can't wait to see what I learn next! Love you all!! :)

Hermana Erickson

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