Monday, February 29, 2016

A year is here!

This week has been really great here in Anthem!! We are starting to
see some of the fruit of our labors. We have been working so hard to
be good examples here and to break some barriers! In each mission,
there are "standards of excellence" which are goals for numbers that
President has decided we need to hit for each week. This area has not
hit standards in who knows how long. And this week, we were able to
hit standards!! Whoop Whoop! (If this doesn't make any sense, just
know that it was exciting for us ;)).

We have two baptisms coming up, one in each ward. One will be this
Saturday. She is so ready and excited! We have already
taught her all of the lessons, so we are just trying to figure out
what to do with her....haha. The sisters found her street contacting,
and she has taken the lessons ever since. She has had a really rough
life....I can't imagine going through the things that she has.

Our other baptism is in two weeks. He was a
referral, and really enjoyed the gospel because of the peace that it
brings. He also is having some really difficult times, so he loves
that he can find happiness through the message that we share. We have
taught him all of the lessons too....haha. The people are just too
prepared for us!! ;) We are trying to find some more people to teach;
we find them but then they drop off the face of the earth. But we have
some with potential!

We went on two exchanges this week. They are great and I love them,
but man they make you exhausted afterwards. I went to another sister's
area with a greenie. I forgot what it was like to be with one--it's
super fun! :) Funny story: we knocked on this potentials door, and a
guy about our age opened the door. I'm used to talking to people our
age (after serving in YSA), but as I turned to let the other sister
talk, she was frozen! She later told me that he was too attractive for
her to make sense of the gospel! Hahaha ;) We did have a really cool
miracle. We tried a referral, but she wasn't home. So we decided to
walk to a different road. But, the sister realized that she didn't
have any passalong cards with her. So we turned around to go back to
the car, and the referral we had tried pulled up! We offered to help
with her groceries, but she declined....but then a bag fell that she
couldn't get. ;) We were able to teach her, and she became a new
investigator!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Can you all believe that I will have been out for a year this coming
Friday?? GAHHH!! It does not feel like it at all. The time has flown
by. I remember my first transfer thinking that 18 months was going to
be an eternity. But now it is almost here. A mission is amazing--it is
the highest of highs and lowest and lows. I have learned so much about
myself and my Savior. I've gained life experiences, knowledge, and
maybe a little bit of weight ;) But it has all been worth it! There is
no sacrifice too great that the Lord asks of us. Yes, you have to give
up money, time, and family, but He compensates for it all in the end.
He gave us His son, who in turn gave us His life. Any sacrifice we
make just helps us to become more like our Savior. And I hope that is
what I have become. I love you all!!


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