Monday, February 15, 2016

Another week in the life of a misionera

This week has been filled with off-the-wall experiences. Not going to
lie, we've had a lot of people yell at us this week...which is never
fun. But you have to wade through the haystack to find the needle!
That kinda stuff use to really bother me at the beginning of my
mission. But now I've accepted that everyone has their agency, all we
have to do is offer!

We went on two exchanges this week with two different sets of sisters.
We saw a lot of miracles while we were doing that! On one of the
exchanges, we were tracting (knocking every single door on the
street), with no success. No one was answering their door, and it was
feeling a little pointless. Just when I was about to suggest that we
try somewhere else, a young mom opened her door. We shared that her
family could be together forever through our message, and she invited
us in right then! She said she had been praying for spiritual help a
few days ago.....! Pretty amazing :)

I had another great experience on exchanges! We had about 15 minutes
left before it was time to go home, and we had run out of plans. The
sister I was with suggested we inspire knock some doors. We knocked
here and there, but no answer. We then decided on this door, but then
realized that it was already open when we walked up. A dog came to the
door barking, so we were yelling that we were the missionaries. After
they got the dog to calm down, a lady in another room asks if we are
Mormons. All I can think of is "abort! Abort!", but then she says the
only people she invites in is us! She had taken the lessons years ago,
but wasn't able to get baptized. She was still interested, and
accepted to us coming back! :)

We have this amazing investigator. She was street contacted
by other sisters and has taken the gospel whole heartedly. She already
has a strong testimony of the gospel, and can't wait to raise her kids
within the church. Every time we teach her, the spirit is so strong!
It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father prepares people for the
gospel, and how he puts us directly in their path.

So our crazy experiences for the week...... We had no hot water for a
couple of days. Our toilet clogged, we had to move a baptism because
the building was already reserved, and I had to go to urgent care (in
the West Mission) for an inhaler. All of this happened with three
meetings and two exchanges. Hopefully this week will run a little

I am excited for this week and for the things to come in this area. We
have wonderful members here, we just need to tap more into member
missionary work. For those at home, be a member missionary!!!! That is
the only way the work can get done. The members are vital to this
work, and very little progress happens without them. You don't need a
tag to preach the gospel :) I love you all! :D


Hermana Erickson

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