Monday, January 25, 2016

Insane Week Full of Surprises

It has been a long week filled with all sorts of crazy out of the norm
things. It did go by fast though, which was nice. I can't believe that
we are ending the transfer next week. We will find out by this
Saturday on what is happening. I really hope that I will be staying
with Sister Loveless for another transfer. I feel like I haven't had
enough to time to serve here yet!

So we had an emergency transfer happen in a different area, so a new
sister came in on Wednesday. The only problem is that bother her and
her companion can't drive now (both are foreign), and one of the
sisters doesn't have a bike. And they live a mile away from their
area. Sooooo I went back into Harmony Hills for the weekend to help
the new sister with the area and to get rides set up. It was really
fun being back and we found a bunch of new investigators! It was
awesome :) It was the first time being in leadership that I actually
felt like I actually helped someone. It was a really good weekend for
me and for the area :)

We found a Hispanic investigator a week ago! We went to go teach the
first lesson, and she had a whole meal prepared --authentic Mexican
food. It was the BEST :) It made me miss my Spanish areas, but it was
so good. I was so stuffed afterwards. We also received a member
referral for a teenager, Trey. He is really interested and loves the
gospel! He really wants to change the path he is on and help build his
future. I love teaching teenagers and young adults--they have so many
choices going on, that they need the direction the gospel brings.

We have had two really cool opportunities as a mission recently.
First, was a worldwide broadcast for all missionaries. The quorum of
the 12 was there, and we received a lot of help and guidance to be
better missionaries. Then yesterday, we got a training from Elder
Corbridge of the seventy. He talked about not being fearful of our
leadership callings. We need to use the Lord more and trust in His
decision. I really needed to hear that as I have definitely been
struggling with understanding my calling to be a leader. But I know
that Heavenly Father called me for a reason!

It was a great week! I can't wait to see what else the Lord has in
store for me and for our area. I love you all!!


Hermana Erickson

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