Monday, March 7, 2016

A Baptism in Henderson

Hey Everyone! I can't believe that yet another week has passed...what the hey?!? The time has just been on a speeding train it feels like.  For all those greenies out there, enjoy it when the time goes slow....haha :) It will pick up and you will want it to stop! This week was a little bit slower work wise, but we saw some amazing miracles!

SO! We had a baptism!!! YAY :) It was pretty amazing. She wanted it pretty small, but it was filled with the Spirit. Her nonmember family came, and afterwards, her niece said that she felt something different there. She ended up coming to church the next day! Our investigator is a single mom and has two young kids. To think that now her family will grow in the gospel, and more generations as well. You never know the influence that you have.....we can usually only see the direct influences. But I can't wait to get to the Spirit world and meet all of the people that were affected by the little things that we did.

We had a crazy amazing miracle....... :D We had been walking around the ward for most of the morning, and little to nothing was happening. We had talked to a few people, but no one was interested and everyone was busy. We decided to go to a member's house to get some water. We were almost there, when we saw this lady getting her kids out of her car. We went over to start talking to her, and ended up talking for an hour!!! We taught her the whole first lesson outside. When we told her that church was 3 hours, instead of saying
"That's super long...." She surprised us by saying "That's AWESOME!  I've always wanted more church!"  I had to pick my jaw off the ground after that....haha :) We have a lesson with her tonight!

Other miracles: a random lady showed up to church yesterday, we got free nail stickers, and a member bought us amazing ribs :) Great week overall! Thank you for all of the prayers, they are appreciated and needed. I love and miss you all!!!!


Hermana Erickson

PS Sorry, I can't send a picture of our baptism. Next one!

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