Monday, August 29, 2016

Week of Disasters and Miracles

This week was........ A week. It was kinda bad, not going to lie. We had something go wrong each day this week, and so we and the work suffered. It was difficult to keep going at points, but luckily
Heavenly Father sent us a few miracles here and there. Looking back on the week, it makes me laugh just because it was so many things that went wrong. So I'll give you a short list so that you can have a laugh too, and then I'll get to the miracles ;)

Monday: Our lesson that we had ended up being the couple arguing back and forth at each other. It was sooooo awkward. Tuesday: We started to pack up our house and deep clean it to move,
but then we got a call that the move was put on hold. Wednesday: Our car got taken over by TiWi (our monitoring system) so our car broke down. Thursday: The move for our apartment got cancelled totally. Later in the evening, one of the elders crashed his bike, so we took them to
urgent care. Saturday: My wrist started to hurt pretty bad, so we had to go to urgent care again. Just ended up being tendinitis. (Are you laughing yet, cause I am)

All of these things happened for a reason this week, and I learned a lot. I'm ready for this week and to improve and be better. Some of the miracles that we saw: We got a call from a member in Kingman for a referral for a less-active. We were able to meet her that day, and get her to church
on Sunday. She was able to make some friends and now feels very
We are teaching a Part member family, the wife is not a member. We've only been teaching her for about two weeks, but she told us that she wants to be baptized! She wants to have a date picked out by Tuesday :) 
We had some really spiritual lessons this week, including a testimony meeting with one of our investigators. She has been having a hard time deciding whether or not this is something she wants, but the testimonies from a member family were very powerful. And, she was able to receive a

Challenges and trials always have a good side, and we saw lots of those good things this week. No we weren't as successful as the last weeks, but we were still able to help many people. I love this gospel!  Because of it, I get to have a clean slate whenever I need it. I am so ready to make this last week the best!!! I love you all tons!


Hermana Erickson

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