Monday, August 1, 2016

Still Surviving in Bullhead!

Helllloooo everyone! I can't believe that it is August already! All I
know is that I am ready for this heat to be over. It has been 120
almost every day here for the past week. SIster Gacke and I had to
make a quick trip to Walmart during the week to buy even more
Powerade. Plus, we almost killed one of our YW so we bought her an ice
cream cone for enduring the heat with us. Supposedly monsoon season is
supposed to start soon....please pray that it happens. :)

So Sister Gacke is my new companion, President just messed up on the
email by accident. Haha! She is from Washington State too!! :) She is
from a tiny town on the other side of Mount Rainer called Eatonville.
She has been out for nine months and is a great worker. Sadly, she
twisted her ankle in her last area so we had to get her a boot from
urgent care this week. But it hasn't stopped her! She is excited to
kill me/send me home. It will be a lot of fun working with her for my
last weeks!

We saw some really cool miracles from listening to the promptings of
the Holy Ghost this week. We had to grab some water from the church,
and we're getting back into our car, when I saw this lady walking on
the church grass. I felt impressed to talk to her, but brushed off the
prompting. By the time we figured out where we were going, she was
sitting on the sidewalk next to the church. I started to drive, but
again that prompting came. So I pulled over to talk to her, and we
ended up teaching her a lesson. She said that she had gone to the
church before, but her life had gotten too busy to keep coming. She
had been having some problems that night, and decided to walk. She
almost went to the river, but felt like she needed to walk towards the
church. We were there at the same time! Heavenly Father knows his
children so much better than we do!

Well, that's all from Arizona! I'm trying to make time slow down but
it's not happening. So I'm trying to make the most of every moment
that I can! I love you all so very much :)


Hermana Erickson

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