Monday, March 14, 2016

Reality of Missionary Work

This week has been difficult. We didn't have all that much proselyting time all week long, and our teaching opportunities were lacking. We have definitely been struggling to find new people to teach and people that aren't flaky. It was just a weird week....! And we only have one more week to go in the transfer.....crazy!

So our amazing golden investigator might have dropped us. We had a lesson with her this week, and really had a hard time understanding why we need the priesthood. A lot of the things we teach, her church does too, it's just that they don't have the priesthood/proper authority to do it.We are wondering if she took the time to read the Book of Mormon. The BOM is the physical evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that this is Christ's church. If you are struggling in your testimony in any way, read it!!

We were able to find a family that had taken the lessons before! There are five girls, and three are above baptism age. I have never taught a family before!! It's pretty exciting to have them to teach. Their problem is that they have tons of activities that keep them super ooper busy. But they miss having family scripture study and prayer. I really hope that they take the time to relearn the lessons. We aren't sure what stopped them from getting baptized the first time, but we
hope to resolve any concerns that they may have had. I know that a family based on the gospel can never fall. I can't wait to teach them!

The reality of missionary work is that we are on a roller coaster! I have felt like I have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows on my mission. But that's ok, because that is exactly how life is. Whether you are a full time member or a full time missionary, there will always be ups and downs in the work. All that Heavenly Father cares about is if we are doing our best all the time, not just during the good times. I love the work! I am so happy that I made the decision to serve a mission. It is not easy. But it is worth the time. I love you all!!!!


Hermana Erickson

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