Monday, March 21, 2016

New assignment: Free Agent!

Yet another week has passed by in the mission. The time just keeps going faster and faster. I can't seem to get it to slow down for me. I lose track of what happened when since it all melts into one big long week. The end of last week was also the end of a transfer. It does not feel like I have been here for 7 weeks.

Transfers came as a huge shock. I got a call Friday night from one of the mission STLs asking if I could train a new missionary instead of being a STL. I agreed, but I was pretty sad about it.  I thought I had done something wrong to not be a STL anymore. I talked to our Mission President the next day, and he explained the whole picture. It wasn't what I hadn't done, it was what I had done. He know wants me to be a "free agent", which is basically STL undercover ;) haha. He wants me to use the skills I learned in leadership and go out into mission field to help. I am excited for another new journey :)

I am getting transferred to the El Dorado/Lake Mead stake in Old Henderson. I'm going back to the humble people! ;) My new companion is Sister Greene, and she has been out for one transfer. So I will be finishing up her training. We have one ward, Pueblo (no, I'm not in Spanish. Still English). A lot of changes are going to be coming my way in the morning....but it will be great!

We found a few more people to teach this week. One is from Korea. He speaks very little English, but luckily we have a Sister from Korea serving here. So we exchange with their companionship, and she comes in and teaches the lesson in Korean. It is interesting being the person who doesn't understand anything that is happening. Haha! Also, we noticed that when people think someone can't understand English, they talk slowwwweeerrrr and LOUDER. ;)

We received a referral a few weeks ago from She had requested a Book of Mormon from the website. We were able to teach her , and it went great! Turns out that she is only 15 years old and has some family that are members of the church. It is so interesting to me when teenagers investigate the church. If I hadn't been born in the church, would I have found it that young? Would I be willing to do it without my family? I have so much respect for the people we teach. It is a hard journey, and usually there some sort of back lash. But the blessings are always worth it!

I love you all and I love the work! Yes, it is hard but I love the blessings that come from it :)


Hermana Erickson

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