Monday, April 11, 2016

Monsoon Season is here!

It has been another great week in Pueblo :) The beginning of the week
started out really slow, and to be honest, I felt really out of it.
Missionary work is not an easy thing.....but the best part is that we
have the help of the Savior! He is our best ally, if we are willing to
use His atonement. Something really cool Sister Greene and I have been
doing is evaluating our week. So if something isn't going right, or we
aren't being as successful as we were the week before, we stop and try
to figure out what we can do better. It has been really helpful and
has helped me improve a lot!

We had a really cool miracle this week! It will take me a little bit
to explain, so bear with me! When I got into the area we had an
investigator, Eric, but Sis Greene had no idea where he lived. We just
had his cousin's address, and they wouldn't open their door to us. We
were going to drop him, but the day we decided to do that, we ran into
him on the street. We went back for the appt we had set up, but he
wasn't there. We ended up talking to his sister, Tifha. She wasn't
that interested at first, but we shared the meaning of Easter, etc.
She missed her next appt, but we were able to catch her this Monday.
She said that she had gone to, and had been really thinking
about the things that we said. She even was thinking about baptism! We
had another lesson with her on Friday, but the atmosphere was crazy,
so we didn't think that she got much out of it. (Here comes the good
part!) Sunday morning, she texts us 10 min before church and asks if
we could find a ride for her. We had no idea who to ask, so we
suggested just to wait a week. She decided to walk in the rain to come
to church!!! It was amazing :) We are super excited for her and feel
blessed to be teaching her.

We had opportunities to do some service this week. We talked to
someone outside that was pulling weeds in his yard. We offered to help
out whenever he needed it. We got a text a few days later, from a
member. Apparently the guy we talked to was friends with a member! We
were able to go and help him pull his weeds, and he was really
appreciative. We also made hats for the homeless shelters. We learned
how to knit with circle hoops.....haha! It was super fun and relaxing
to knit ;) This week we get to help paint a house! Yay :D! Service is
the best!

Another miracle to close off the letter. We were able to get a RM to
come with us. He served in our mission, and now lives in our ward. The
lesson that we were going to teach, cancelled, so we went to try the
next people that we had planned. Right across the street was a guy
working on his car. We started talking to him, and he said he wasn't
interested. We were about to walk away when he told us that he had a
friend that served a mission. We stayed and talked for a good 30
minutes, and were able to share the BOM with him. He was really
excited to read it and to learn more. I guess the reason why I share
this experience is for two reasons: God always put people in our path.
There are no such things as coincidences! We just have to trust in his
plan. And #2: I can't wait to be an awesome member missionary! I have
learned so much, I just want to share it with everyone around me. It
was cool to see how much a mission had affected the RMs life.

Well, I love you all! Enjoy the warmer weather as we try to stay dry
here in Vegas. I'll attach a picture of the crazy rain. Les amo
muchisimo :D Hasta la proxima semana


Hermana Erickson

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