Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July, Baptism, and Transfers!

My mission "mom"
This week has been crazy with the holiday, but I have had such a fun time this past week. It has gone by so fast--I can't believe it! I also hit my four month definitely does not feel like it has been that long. The end of August will be my 6 month mark which is insane to me. It is going by too fast!!!

We received transfer doctrine on Saturday, and Sister Allen will be leaving for a new ward!! I am so sad that I am losing my mission "mom". But, my new companion is Sister Cordoba, Sis Allen's trainer! How funny is that? So now I will be serving with my mission "grandma". I am so excited to be serving with her, but I am so sad to be losing Sis Allen. But I know Sis Cordoba and I will have crazy success in our area!

A beautiful baptism
We had another baptism on Saturday! It took a couple times for him to go all the way under the water (we baptize by immersion), but after the ordinance was finally completed, he was so happy! He had the biggest smile on his face after the baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. The Spirit was strong--he has been waiting a long time to be baptized, and his family has waited a long time also! On a sadder note, one of our other investigators did not end up getting baptized. It turns out that she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon. To have a testimony of the church, our investigators have to start with the BOM. Everything else depends on that. We will continue to visit her, but we can't continue with the lessons until she does her part.

Too small water cups
Fourth of July was crazy here. It is legal to shoot off fireworks wherever you want. Around 8, people started lighting them up. We could not drive anywhere--people were blocking off their streets, and a couple fireworks went straight for our car. The fireworks did not stop until midnight....! It was insane. Fun thing--our Guatemalan family made us hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries. It was delicious, and just like home! Not so fun thing--we got food poisoning last night. It wasn't too severe, but it was not fun. 
Las Vegas Skyline

I am super excited for this next week and for my new transfer with Sister Cordoba!  I am hoping that she will push me and help me become more like the missionary and person the Lord wants me to be!!

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