Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Months!

WHAT?! I hit my three month mark on Thursday, and I cannot believe it! Have I really been out for that long? It definitely does not feel like that at all. By the end of August, I will have a year left. Crazy! I hope that I being the missionary that the Lord wants me to be.

We had another awesome crazy week! We found three new investigators, and had 71 street contacts! Street contacts is basically having to go up to strangers and start talking about the gospel. We are supposed to have 10  a day, and it is nerve-wracking. But everyone is always really nice, and we meet a lot of cool people that way. Last night, we met an inactive women, who was really struggling, and just wanted to know that Heavenly Father loved her. We were able to testify that to her, and I know we were exactly what she needed!

So, one of our new investigators this week turned out to be our investigator's wife. When we first met her this week (she had been out of state), she did not like us at all. She had taken the missionary discussions beforehand, and did not like them. She told Hector that the Book of Mormon wasn't true, so Hector was really confused, and fell back into some of his old ways. But, when we found out he had, we just showed him tons of love! His wife saw that, and did a total 180 in her attitude towards us. I think she realized that we were trying to help her husband because we love him, not because we only want a baptism. Hector and Norma were changed by the love that they felt, and they both are now on a new path together! Thy both came to church, and we are hoping that they can be baptized together!!

We had an amazing lesson with our new investigator. We taught lesson 1 to him, the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This lesson talks about the priesthood (power from God), Joseph Smith (First prophet of our church), and the Book of Mormon. Usually it is a lot for people to take, and so we get dropped after the first lesson. But he

accepted everything we said. The Spirit was so strong in his home, I felt like I could touch it. After we read the First Vision to him, where Jospeh Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, he re-read it to himself out loud, and then started to cry a little bit. It was so powerful. He said he would like to get baptized, after he prays about everything. We are so excited for him!

Funny moment of the week! We met this family while street contacting, and the kids immediately started high fiving us. One of the kids stops us and says" I always give two high fives and a hug! I'm the teacher's favorite!" Sister Allen and I were dying. Ha ha!

Well everyone, I am loving this work! I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this next week!

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