Monday, May 4, 2015

Second month, sick, and chivas

At the Temple

This week has been definitely interesting. My companion and I got sick last Saturday, and I felt better around Tuesday evening. But my compa did not feel well until the next Saturday. So we have been home bound for a whole week. I am definitely a little stir crazy at the moment. Yesterday we were finally able to do a full proselyting day, and it about killed us. We were exhausted!
President and Sister Snow
Today is my second month mark. It does not feel like it has been that long! Time is already flying by and I am just starting! It literally feels like I landed at the CCM a week ago. That is the sad things about the amazing parts of our lives--they always go fast!
Our investigators are progressing great! I love each of them so much, and it is amazing how the Lord has prepared them for this moment in their lives. Each of them is amazing, and I love that I get to know so many people so personally. I love being able to help them. The amazing thing about the gospel is that it has a solution for every problem in our lives. Every problem I have, I am able to turn to the Lord and ask for help. He always gives me the exact answer that I need. I love seeing that same principle in the lives of our investigators.
We got a new investigator yesterday. He is married and has two young sons. He wants to know as much as he can, and he wants his wife to be taught too! He is very receptive to the things we teach him, and I feel the Spirit so strong when I am around him. I believe that he and his family have been prepared by the Lord for us! It is such a crazy experience meeting someone who doesn't realize that what they have been looking for is the gospel!
Our less-active sister has been progressing super well. We give her a pamphlet, she reads it, and then tells us that she knows everything in it is true. We honestly do not have to teach her that much because she already has a super strong testimony of the church. Yes, she has questions, but she has no problem accepting the answers we give her. She is absolutely incredible!
Traveling with my compa
Crazy story of the week: We had dinner with a member on Wednesday. After dinner and our message, we got up to leave, but then she goes over to a pot on the stove and asks us a question. We didn't understand what she said, so she simply says "Corn?" and opens the pot to corn on the cob. We said of course, and then she proceeds to tell us that we need to put lime and chile on it. At first we both said no, but she kept pushing for the lime and chile. We gave in, and it was so delicious. As we are walking out with our corn, we pass by her gate and we hear some sort of animal. We both jump, and the Hermana says "Esta bien hermanas! Es solamente mi chiva! (It's ok Sisters, its only my goat!) We both felt like we had just stepped into Mexico!
Corn with chile & lime.... Yum!
I love this work, and I am so happy we are able to work again this week. I didn't realize how much I love missionary work until I wasn't able to do it. I love you all!

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