Tuesday, May 19, 2015

La Vida es Buena!

Doing Service!

This week has gone better! There was still the highs and lows, but we had an amazing Sunday that made everything worth it. The Lord knew what I needed and gave it to me yesterday. My energy for missionary work is back, thanks to the love that the Lord has for me and for His people.
So we had some fun experiences with our car this week. We had to get an oil change last Mon, and at Pep Boys they told us we had a coolant leak also. Since we are missionaries, we had to go through the Mission Office, and they told us to take it to the dealership the next day. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get that fixed on Tuesday. Around 5 pm that day, we heard a weird pop, and our car stopped accelerating. We pulled over to the side of the rode, and had to get our car towed back to the dealership. Apparently, someone didn't tighten the air intake valve. We luckily got our car back the next morning before all of our appointments.
We have an amazing investigator and we had an awesome lesson with him this week! He has been reading the Book of Mormon (BOM) by himself, and loves it! He thinks it is so interesting. Our lesson was about the BOM, and we were able to read a chapter with him. I am so excited that he is progressing so well. He has a very special spirit about him, and when he prayed to close the lesson, I could feel the power of the Spirit, and God's love for him.
So our amazing Sunday! We really wanted to go to this program called "Why I Believe", where recent converts share their testimonies. But for missionaries to go, they need a investigator with them. We obviously don't have any investigators in English, besides one investigator's kids. We asked them, but they couldn't come. But then, we got a text from a member, whose nonmember daughter (who speaks English) wanted to come. At that program, I heard exactly what I needed to, and I felt the Spirit so strong! Also, we got 3 new investigators!!! Its the parents and their daughter who are interested, and they are so nice. They had a lot of questions, but have strong desire to know more. The Lord is looking out for us!
Waiting for the car to get fixed.  Grrr!

I am SO grateful for all of your emails this week. I have been having a difficult time, but I am doing so much better now. I realized that this time is so short and so special, that I need to embrace it all. Heavenly Father has a plan for me and my mission. The only way it can go is up, and it already is. I love this gospel and the joy it brings! I love that I have the opportunity to share it with others!!

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