Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Only two weeks left? ¡¿Qué?!

I officially will have two weeks left at the CCM tomorrow. At some points I feel so ready to leave and then at others I feel like the newbies. But, I am SO excited to leave for Las Vegas! 

This week has definitely been the hardest, but the most rewarding. First off, my compa and I had been really struggling with our teacher/investigator. I know my teacher is trying to push us to become better teachers, and he knows that we are both good at Spanish. Pero, we just felt like we were getting absolutely no where with his investigator. Our lesson on Wednesday went awful. We did not have enough time to plan, so it was just all over the place. We were feeling really discouraged and upset that our lesson had gone so badly when we both had studied really hard to teach him. Our other teacher told us that we have to be prepared first for the Spirit to be able to guide us in our lessons. We decided to take that to heart, and we planned our guts out for our next lesson with our other investigator. We had asked him the lesson before to be baptized, but he would not give us an answer. We focused our whole lesson on baptism, and tried to answer his questions as best as we could. At the end, we again asked him if he would be baptized. He said YES!!!! My compa and I just looked at each other in complete shock. We had no idea what to do with ourselves. After we finished our lesson and walked away, I started to cry. I cannot explain the immense amount of joy I felt. The crazy thing is that he isn´t even a real investigator! How great will be the joy I feel when I finally am able to bring one of God´s children back to him. 

We were so proud of ourselves and our lesson, that we decided to teach the same lesson to our first investigator. And guess what....we committed him to baptism too! Those two experiences have been really big missionary confidence boosters for me. I know that I can teach in Spanish and now with the Spirit. I also know that this is exactly where God wants me to be right now. 
Mi compañera

My teachers this week have decided to have me start teaching with them during our language time. I am so excited for the challenge! Also General Conference is this weekend! I cannot wait to here what the Lord wants to teach me through his prophets and apostles.  I am so excited to have to opportunity to serve mi Padre Celestial y mi salvador, Jesucristo. 

Until proxima semana,

Hermana Erickson

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