Tuesday, April 7, 2015

¡Ultima Semana!

The Easter Bunny came to the CCM!

That is right--in eight days, I will be in the mission field. I am so excited but so nervous at the same time. Am I ready? I sure hope so! I know that my first few days in Las Vegas are going to hard and trying. I am so glad I have the knowledge of a Heavenly Father, who will support me through anything that I encounter! 

This week went so much better than the last!  I have felt your prayers for me. I would not have survived without them! I was able to listen to General Conference this weekend, which was definitely a highlight for me. I had questions beforehand. and every single one of them was answered in General Conference. There was not one single talk that did not contain something specifically for me. I think it is amazing that an all-powerful being wants me to pray to Him, and that He listens and answers every single one of my prayers. I know He prompted our apostles and prophet to say certain things, specially for me and for other people. My favorite talk was by Jeffery R Holland, of the quorum of the twelve. He spoke about Christ and how we need to use His atonement. Christ has already paid the price, we just have to decide to accept Him. 

My district on Easter
Easter was definitely great but different! My amazing family sent me an Easter basket, and the elders in our district made an Easter egg hunt for us Sunday morning! I didn´t have any ham or bunny cake (I think I actually had a PB and J for Easter dinner haha!), but I was still able to feel of the Spirit of Christ, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. If you haven´t yet, please watch He Lives video that the Church put out a little bit ago.

 I love that it says that the tomb is empty, and that Christ lives for each of us. I love my Salvador con todo mi corazon. Yo se que Jesucristo morió para cada persona, y Cristo nos ama muchísimo.

An interesting development this week......I sprained my ankle yesterday! Yay!
Because the campus is so far spread out, my district gets to push me around in a wheel chair until I feel like I can walk again! I was playing volleyball, and I jumped and came down on my left ankle wrong. I heard a pop, but the doctor said it was just a sprain, and I should be totally fine by the end of this week. I think the Lord is trying to teach me to not be stubborn or prideful--that I need to accept the help of others sometimes. I was able to receive a priesthood blessing (the priesthood is the best!!) and I have no doubt that I will be fine by the weekend. (I now call myself Hermana Gimpy since I can basically do nothing. )

Hermanas de luz
I love you all so much, but I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a missionary. The Lord has already blessed me in so many ways, and it has only been 5 weeks! I cannot wait for what the next 17 months bring me. I know that this is where I need to be now, and I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father loves and knows me, and He loves and knows every person.  

I love this gospel, I cannot wait to preach it to the people of Las Vegas!! 


Hermana Erickson

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