Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Semana Dos in CCM

Have I really only been here for two weeks? They keep us so busy that I already feel like I have been here for a good month! But, I am trying to enjoy every moment possible because I only have one month left (EEK!)

We had three more lessons with our investigator last week. Our one on Monday went really good, but the Tuesday lesson just went plain awful. As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt the Spirit leave. It was the weirdest thing. I knew we had planned well, and that we were prepared but I could not feel the Spirit. Needless to say, my comp and I were pretty bummed. Our teacher had some great advice for us though. Alma, one of the greatest missionaries in the BOM, had bad days too. Sometimes, the people are the ones not prepared, and the Spirit can´t teach. He told us not to worry about, and that he knew we were amazing missionaries. With that, I felt like we taught an amazing lesson on Wednesday. My heart felt so full with the Spirit after we left, I knew that we had taught him what the Spirit wanted him to know. 

A negative for the week has been language classes. I am so bored out of my mind, and my teachers are beginning to tell. My teacher told me that he is going to start pushing me, which is what I want so badly. I´ve been trying to use my Spanish as much as I can, but its hard because my comp and district can´t understand me all that well! They are amazing though! I could not imagine coming to the CCM without any knowledge of Spanish! 

But during our TALL time (Rosetta Stone basically), I get really bored  too. A teacher noticed and asked why I didn't like it. I told him my history with Spanish, and he couldn't believe it! I told him that I really wanted to have better conversation skills, so he now has a 30 min- 1 hour conversation with me each day! I look forward to it every night! 

We had the opportunity to visit the temple today. I love the spirit that I feel there, I cannot wait to have an eternal family of my own someday. That knowledge that I am eternally sealed to my family has helped me so much with homesickness. I know that even though we may not be together right now, we have the opportunity to be together. 

We had a great devotional this week from Bishop Cates. He is in charge of HR here at the CCM, and lives on campus with his family. He told us that we must Stay on Target in order to receive the gift of tongues, and to become the best missionaries we can be. He also said that faith is action based on the past, focused on the future. If we want to be successful in anything, we have to focus ourselves on the future, and we will be blessed. 

I am enjoying the CCM so much, and I still cannot wait to teach actual people looking for the truth. I love you all and I am so grateful for each and everyone´s influence in my life! 

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