Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodbye Holidays!

This week has been pretty good! Life as a STL is never boring, we always have something going on. I am starting to get used to it...but I don't know if I ever will get fully adjusted to my new crazy life! I ended up getting sick this week.....with bronchitis. I thought I just had the flu, but our investigator's dad turned out to be a doctor. I was super grateful that he was able to get me some meds! I feel so much better now :)

This weekend we have had a mini missionary with us and it has been super fun! I don't know if you all remember Ellie (from East), but she is leaving on her mission this week! I love having mini missionaries with us. I wish I would have done one before mine. We always have super fun experiences! For example, we knocked on a random door. The lady said not interested, and tried to slam it, but it got stick. It was the funniest moment of our lives. Haha!

I got to lead my first exchange this week in Pelican Creek with Sister Paa. It was super fun being on the side of a STL. It was really scary leading it, but it went good! SIster Paa was very sweet and said I was a natural leader. Haha, no. But maybe after 8 months I'll get there....!

Sorry, I don't have too many crazy stories this week. I was pretty dead for most of it ;) I am sad but happy that the holidays are over.  People will finally be back on normal schedules! But I will miss having the whole world focused on Christ. Today is my ten month mark....AAH! I can't believe I come home in September. This year is going to be awesome! I can't wait for all of the new experiences. I love you all!

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