Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Halfway there in Los Feliz

This week has honestly been very slow for us. Not a ton has happened, which is disappointing since we are working so hard! We bike almost every day, and we try to talk to every person that we see. We just haven't been able to find any new investigators, and our current investigators aren't keeping their commitments. 

We were able to have two lessons this week. The first one was a little awkward.....at the beginning of the transfer, the other sisters had an investigator. We tried setting up appointments with him, but he just kept avoiding us and stood us up a few times. He eventually told us that he would call us when he had time. On Monday, we get a call from the bishopric saying that there is a member who would like her husband to be taught. Of course we called and set up an appointment. We get to the house, and the address seemed all too familiar to me....the husband ended up being the same person!! We had a great spiritual lesson on the Book of Mormon, but we aren't sure of the interest level at this moment. I pray that he will read the BOM for himself, so that he will have a true desire to be baptized.

Our other lesson was with a lady that has been involved in the gospel for around 12 years. The only thing that has held back from baptism for this long is marriage. She plans to be married and baptized on the same day--the 26th of September. We had a really great lesson about the plan of salvation, which turned into talking about temples. For those of you who don't know, we believe that family relationships can last beyond this life. When a couple is married in the temple, their marriage lasts forever. I love talking about temples because of how important my family is to me. I remember when my Grandma King passed away...the only thing that gave me peace was that I knew I would see her again. Whenever I go to the temple, I am blessed to feel very close to my grandma. 

We had a funny/scary experience this week. There is this guy who the past sisters met. They tried setting up several different appointments with him, but every time he would give them a fake address. But the thing is, he constantly calls. And you can't understand a word he says because he mumbles. Anyways, one night we are driving, and this car ahead of us pulls over, and then pulls out behind of us. So then, of course we think that they are following us. And guess who we get a call from? The same guy. Both of us looked at each other and screamed! Haha! The car wasn't following us, and this guy was just doing his daily call. We were scared for a bit, and then just had to laugh! 

I have to say that we have been blessed with members this week. During almost all of our dinners, the hermanas have told us that they would love to come out with us! One Hermana told us that we are her kids, and that she is our mom for right now. I just have felt an outpouring of love from a lot of these sisters. It has been amazing and just what I have needed! During our Sunday dinner, the brother in his prayer said "bless the sister's families, and bless the sisters that they won't miss their families too much because we are grateful they are here with us." I about cried right then and there! My mission has really taught me what kind of member I want to be when I get home....Preach My Gospel missionary for life! 

So even though it hasn't been very successful week number wise but I really feel like we have been working our hardest. My mom sent me this quote: "It is impossible to fail when you are do your best and when you are on the Lord's errand". I think at points during the week I was getting to caught up with numbers, but then I realized all the good we had done, that can't be measured by numbers. I am grateful that the Lord is on our side and that I am a part of his work. 

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