Monday, August 17, 2015

Ipads and Transfers!

Zone Conference

This week has been great! Definitely one of the biggest things that happened is that we got iPads!!! It feels really weird having technology again. We can't do much since we only have the gospel library and wifi at certain points during the day. But as the mission gets used to having the iPads, we will be able to do all of our planning and have Facebook! It is crazy how much the work has changed from just a few years ago. I am excited but nervous to be a part of this change. Funny thing: I was literally the last person in the whole mission to get my iPad!
Sisters Together

We had two lessons with our investigator this week. She chose to be baptized the 22nd of August, but her mom won't give her permission. It broke her heart and ours. But, we told her that sometimes Heavenly Father gives a trial of our faith before the blessings. She wants to continue taking the lessons and going to church. Then, when she either comes of age or her mom gives permission, she will already be ready for baptism. She has so much strength, and I love being a part of her conversion and change.

Our other investigator is progressing great! We had two lessons with him this week. When we talked about the Word Of Wisdom (basically it is a law of health. No tobacco,alcohol, drugs, coffee, or tea) he had some questions, as most all people do. But he said that he knew with the Lord's help he would be able to do anything. He has so much faith already. Whenever he has a question about something, after our explanation, he says of course that makes sense! He really knows how to rely on Heavenly Father. It's pretty amazing. And he finally came to church!! He loved it and was able to make some friends in our ward.

Hard to leave this area
We received transfers on Saturday and.......I am leaving! Sister Cordova and I were definitely not expecting it! I am getting double transferred into Los Feliz. A double transfer means that both of the sisters that were serving there are now leaving. I will be serving with Sister Gregson--she just finished training! My new area is actually pretty close to this area; it's just right over the line.  I am sad to leave Ensign but I am very excited for the new challenge. Change is always hard, but we always learn something from it. It is weird packing and having to leave the area that I was "born" in. But I think it will be really fun being in a new area with new people and experiences. I am going to miss my converts, investigators, and ward so much. They really have become family!!
A wonderful friend

 I know this week is going to be absolutely crazy but I am excited! :) I love you all so much and am as always so grateful for your support. Here comes a new adventure!

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