Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Baptism

The Baptism

I cannot believe that another week has passed by. This transfer has honestly flown by....it is crazy how fast the mission is going. Before I know it, I will be coming home (mini heart attack right there). This week has been full of success. The Lord just had to put us through the refiner's fire for a little bit and then we were ready to be given blessings. 

Our investigator was finally baptized!! It feels like it has been a very long time coming. I told him that the reason that there has been so many challenges with his baptism is because Satan knows how strong of a member he will be. After he was baptized, he shared "I feel like I was sleeping and I have just finally woken up." Wow! His baptism and confirmation were so powerful. I could feel the Spirit so strong in both situations. He now is very excited to begin preparing to serve a mission. AAH! I love being able to see the change in people and feel the love that the Lord has for these people. I really feel that the Lord is so proud of Omar and the work that we are doing in this area. 

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We got a new investigator this week! She is the niece of a member in our ward. She has already accepted a date for baptism (only after two lessons) for the 22nd of August. She has been going to church for a good month now and went to girls camp with our ward. It was a really great experience for her--she already had felt the Spirit before we began teaching her. The first lesson with her was amazing--all of us were crying (her YW leader, aunt, us) because we felt the Spirit so strong. She is already an amazing young women and is just so prepared and ready for the gospel. I don't know if I will be able to finish teaching her, but I will definitely be back for her baptism :) 

Crazy miracle for the week! We got a call Tuesday morning from this man who was looking for two sister missionaries who had taught him about a year ago. He had been cleaning out his room when he found our card and number. We told him that those sisters had moved, but that we could meet with him. He set up an appointment for that day, and it was a really fun first lesson. He talks a mile a minute ( I have no idea how I understand anything he says) but is so excited about the gospel! He can't wait to read the book of mormon and learn more!

Some of the crazy funny things that happened to us this week--We had been craving tortas for forever, and were trying to find where we could buy some. We went to dinner on Wed and guess what they had made us..TORTAS!! Other funny thing....there was a wedding going on during our baptism. It was super awkward because we had to ask the bride to move her dress from the font room....makes for good stories later on right? haha :) 

I am excited for the last week here in this ward! I am pretty sure that I will be getting transferred, but at the same time I'm not entirely sure. I am happy to go wherever the Lord needs me :)


Hermana Erickson

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